Saturday, 15 October 2011

Warlord vehicles review,

Alright today I'll review the first three vehicles out of the Warlord, Bolt Action range.
The three being the Puma, STUG III type G and the Panzer IV type H.
I'm a lousy photographer so excuse the quality of the photographs please :)

First of the Puma:

Very clean cast! Almost no flash. The resin is of a greyish type with no air bubbles or holes in it.
The kit is made out of 15 metal parts and 2 resin.
The metal parts consists of 8 tyres, a gun barrel, copula hatch, 2 headlights, 2 smoke launchers and a bumper.
The resin parts are the main body and the turret.
This is a low level entry kit. Very intuitive and easy to build. Only fidgety parts are the two headlights.

The whole kit was cleaned and build under 45 minutes.

Second kit is the STUG III type G:

Again a very clean cast! Minor flash. Same greyish type of resin and no air bubbles or holes in the castings.
The kit consists out of three resin parts and 16 metal ones.
The resin parts comprise the main body and the two sides/track pieces. The metal parts are 2 gun barrels, 1 copula hatch, 1 observer hatch, 4 brackets for the 'Schurzen', 1 set of goggles, 1 track piece, 6 track girders.
The STUG is sold in two variants but I had both barrels in the kit. (the standard barrel and the late war 'Saukopf') I opted for the 'Saukopf' variant cause my project is for the 1944/45 period. (and looks better!)
Kit is easy enough to assemble. Some dry-fitting prior to glue-ing is recommended.

Kit was cleaned and build within an hour.

Last kit is the Panzer IV:

First thing I noticed where the huge resin clumps attached to the underside of the tracks.
I was very careful with removing these due to the tracks themselves being somewhat fragile.
There was quit a lot of flash but seeing that there are a lot of  sharp corners in this kit. ('Shurzen') it's enivitable I guess. Same greyish resin. Again no air bubbles and or holes! The mould makers and casters at Warlord are doing a superb job!
The kit consists of 9 resin parts and 4 metal ones. The  2 side 'Schurzen', turret, mainbody, 2 sides/tracks, copula hatch and 2 tank hatches are made of resin. The gun barrel, machinegun barrel and 2 pieces of tracks are made of metal.

Cleaning and building the kit took an hour.

Hope you liked this short review. Next up are the Panther type A, Tiger type I, Jagdpanther and Hetzer.

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