Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Tree Kit

Some time back I bought a few "do it yourself" tree kits.
I visited the excellent Antenocitisworkshop which is truly heaven for the "do it yourself" scenery builders amongst us!

I bought a few of the tree kits from 'Woodland scenics'. They have complete sets which include a tree base, trunk with branches and foliage.

Antenocitisworkshop recommends using TAC-E glue. I tried it and really read the manual and online fora very carefully, but I didnt like the results. So I started gleuing clumps of foliage, using super glue, to the trunk. Big advantage is that you make your tree as "green"as you want to.

The following summary is the way I created the tree in the pictures:

1. Remove trees and bases from the bag and cut of any excess plastic.

2. Wash the tree trunks and bases using hand warm water and some soap.

3. Undercoat the parts. (I used white)

4. Glue the tree bases onto a bigger base for stability and add texture to the base. (I used sand)

5. Glue the tree trunk to the base.

6. Paint the trunk, branches and base. (After undercoating the kit white, I only used a wash of Games Workshops Devlun Mud!)

7. Add highlght if you want.

8. Shape the branches. (the kit is made out of flexible plastic and easy to work with).

9. Start glueing clumps of foliage to the branches and model you tree. (glue foliage not fingers!)

10. Finished. It might look like mine?

11+. Repeat the process until tired and feeling like taking a chainsaw into the garden and........ trim some trees :)

More pictures.