Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A typical Wednesday night.........

After a hurried dinner, tossing the kids to their beds, near missing the wife with a farewell kiss, driving like a maniac trough the streets, finally entering Joops home for a night of wargaming......

After paying the exuberant entree fee.....(free) and paying a huge amount for a glass of soda......(free),
chatting to Joops wife in the hopes of appeasing her so we could all covertly go the hobby room, we finally sat down and "prrrrft......" Joops first gas attack of the night had as all out of the hobby room, we just covertly entered, in under 15 seconds, a new record!

So more chatting to the wife.... sneaking into the game room, we once again sat down but.... yes Joops second gas attack had me and Ardi out of the room in under 10 seconds, a new record!

No wife this time so no sneaking.
After explaining to Joop that we are playing SAGA and not a WW1 game we finally sat down.

Tonight's game was SAGA. Ardi's Byzantines versus Kees's Welsh. Kees began reading the rules and Ardi pondered which figure represented which soldier......

"Ring, ring, ring" The misses saying our daughter just starred in the Exorcist 666 and threw up in her bedroom. So "naturally" I went home, helped and ended up on the couch watching a sitcom....

Have fun all!


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Annatar said...

Hi Arvid,

Yeah, always pleasant to game an have fun in a welcoming place with likeminded friends without sneaky gitz and cheesy rulebenders.

Cheers Annatar