Friday, 7 December 2012

X-Wing unveiled.....

Today I received my X-wing miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games, plus a few extras I bought with it.
The online store of Fantasy Flight Games is out of stock currently so you need to search your local game or "e" stores to find your own version of the game.
It does pay of to browse around a bit. I bought my stuff from an online store in Belgium named BattleGames and even with 10.- Euros worth of shipping it saved me a lot!

Excuse my poor photography skills they dont do any justice to the figures and game in general!

I bought the core box plus three extra ships; Tie-Fighter, Tie-Advanced an Y-Wing and an extra dice set.

First impressions:
At first glance I was blown away buy the sheer amount of tokens, booklets, dice and quality of artwork. But I must say as a miniatures wargamer these pre-painted ships are great! They even show battle scars and exhaust fumes!

Core box:
The core box consists out of three pre-painted ships; two Tie-Fighters and an X-wing. A quick rule set, a rulebook some product leaflets, dials, dices, manoeuvre sticks and lots of tokens. Even a few asteroid markers. The ships look good! The only thing I don't like are the flimsy flight stands! I hope the chaps at Litko will remedy this soon ;) The ships are made out some sort of hard plastic and look durable. The X-Wings cannons were a bit bent but these are only a millimetre thick so...

Core box

The artwork on the cards is superb. It really has the feel of the old Star Wars movies. (sorry I really hate what they did with episode 1,2 and 3)

Some of the ship upgrade cards

Some of the tokens

Some of the Ship cards

What I could discern on first glance was that each fighter in your force can be upgraded with a pilot and ship upgrades. I saw cards of droids and torpedo's to name some examples.

Each ship has its own speed/manoeuvre dial and damage tokens.

The three extra ships I bought all had an extra speed/manoeuvre dial, ship upgrades, weapon tokens and pilots.


Y-Wing tokens and cards


X-Wing rear shot


Tie-Advanced side shot

Tie-Advanced tokens and cards


Tie-Fighter side shot

Tie-Fighter tokens and cards

As you probably have noticed, I am very glad I bought the game. Its been a while since I got this excited by a game (especially a Star Wars one at that!). I really think this game is worth every Euro I spent on it and that's saying it without even having played it yet. I'll try to post a game review a.s.a.p.

I cant wait to buy the Slave-1 and the Millenium Falcon. Will they bring out a Star Destroyer...?


The beginnings of something big......

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

German Kampfgruppe

Word War II otherwise known as "THE PROJECT"

I have been collecting WW2 armies for about two years now.
The scope went from skirmish to complete armies very rapidly. Especially after reading Kampfgruppe Normandy.

Buying it all went well and fast. Painting it all however went slowly. I started out with painting my American Airborne troopers and am painting them still. Due to a lot of side projects and being easily distracted it seemed my latest project would take ages.

some of my painted troops
After some consideration, I looked around and found a bloke willing to paint some of my troops. Last weekend the first half of my German kampfgruppe arrived. In January 2013 the second half will be finished.
Hopefully a mate of mine, painting my German vehicles, will be done around that time as well. How many figures you ask? Around 200, 28mm German infantry and 54 German armoured vehicles. I know I am crazy. I tried 15mm and didn't like it. Still to be done are my Brits and I have to finish my Americans....         
Below are some shots of the amazing paint job done by "Mr. Z". 

Hope you like them as much as I do....

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Something new, something borrowed, something blue.....

Hi all,

So after a period of non-activity I finally have the time and the "sense" to start writing to you again.
To much of my personal joy the other guys from the "Wednesday Night Wargamers" are joining in to help fill this blog with our musings instead of just mine.

You can expect all kinds of posts in regards to (war)games. For instance, scenario's we played, reviews on products, painting and much, much more.

I hope you like reading our little piece of cyberspace and if you have any tips or "whatnots" please lets us know!

For now, keep gaming!


Friday, 20 April 2012

SAGA report part 2

Dingus died................ horribly..........................mince meat.......decapitated...................sigh

Friday, 6 April 2012

SAGA rehearsal part one,

We, Wednesday Night Wargamers, will be attending the new wargame show IMPACT in Uden on June the 3rd this year. You can find their internet site follwing this link: Impact wargames Show

After a slight discussions (1.2 seconds) we decided to demo a game of SAGA.

So Ardi in all his wisdom thought we should play a few games prior to the show in order to graps the rules. This way it actually looks like we know what we are talking about....

Last Wednesday Kees couldn't come over (was staring at his eyelids inwards......) so it was up to me and Ardi to play a game of SAGA. Joop was/is the Game master.

I decided on playing with the Welsh and Ardi went Viking. We decided to play an actual scenario.
(Normally we just bash each others heads in and see in the end if some one actually won?)

Joop took a hard look and told us we would play the "Challenge" scenario. Hmmmmmm.... some how this sounded more a "Brutal in your face waaaahg" Viking-ish scenario than a "fleet of foot" Welsh scenario....

After deployment it became clear I was in some serious trouble. My Welsh were fast and had javelins but Ardi's Viking were all about close combat.

Initial battlefield

My warband consisted of:

Warlord, Dingus Tringus-ish-ness (sounds Welsh?)
Hearthguard (4)
Warriors (8)
Levies (12)
Levies (12)

generating 4 SAGA dice per turn.

Ardi warband consisted of:

Warlord, Svenn Hornedhelmet with one club foot (weird but true)
Hearthguard (8)
Warriors (8)
Levies (12)

generating 4 SAGA dice per turn.

Ardi got the first turn since he finished his deployment first.

The slaughter starts.

(I wont explain the game mechanics because I truly believe that for a lousy 20.- pounds this game should be bought and not ripped! Its a must buy for every wargamer out there!!)

Ardi started with a charge from Svenn on Dingus. During the first four turns he managed to add his 8 hearthguards to the melee and somehow Dingus survived this slaughter house! I flanked the ensuing melee with a unit of levies and played 'Matador' with Ardi's hearthguard killing loads of them. My warrior unit fought a round of melee with Ardi's warriors and survived. I did get a serious bloody nose but my flank is holding for the time being.

After four rounds of play Svenn and Dingus both got 7 wounds left. Ardi lost 3 warriors and 5 hearthguard! I lost 4 warriors. Although it might seem I am ahead of Ardi dont be fooled his warriors can make mince meat of me in no time. With three turns left I really need to be careful if I want to win this.........


A Viking "thing"?
Arghhh Ugghhhhh.......
Ardi looking fab!
Joop doing the monkey...

The second part will be posted in two weeks.


Thursday, 12 January 2012

Finally they settled their fight..

After 6 gruelling weeks of battling Ardi and Kees finally settled their dispute.
It took 6 weeks but Kees in the end prevailed.

The fight swayed left and right a couple of times.
In the end Ardi charged his Warlord against Kees's Warlord, like the true warrior he is!
Kees on the other hand, sneaky git, pulled his Huscarls by their cuffs in front of Ardi's sword and thus saved his Warlord. Kees taking the oppurtunity quickly chopped his axe against Ardi's neck and settled the matter.

Ardi tested the soon to be released Byzantian Battleboard and Kees played with the Welsh.
The Byzanthians have the option to equip their warriors with bows. This massive display of firepower however couldnt sway the battle in Ardi's favor. The Byzantians have a few great tricks and do capture the feel of the army. (I wont spoil it all, Alex would have my arse if I did!)

With the soon to be released first Saga supplements we will be playing a lot of Saga upcoming year.

A few pics for your pleasure? (next time we are playing a Pirate game Harr...Harr..)

Ardi is being Ardi

Joop doing the monkey?

Kees going for the kill

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


About a month ago I recieved my first TAG figures.
They look stunning and my pictures dont them any justice!

I must say that the pictures on the official TAG site dont them justice either!

The figures are finely sculpted with many a great detail added to the figure.

I bought two packs of Rodelero's for my Italian (Papal) army.

Below are a few pictures. The figure on the left is from the Foundry range.