Thursday, 12 January 2012

Finally they settled their fight..

After 6 gruelling weeks of battling Ardi and Kees finally settled their dispute.
It took 6 weeks but Kees in the end prevailed.

The fight swayed left and right a couple of times.
In the end Ardi charged his Warlord against Kees's Warlord, like the true warrior he is!
Kees on the other hand, sneaky git, pulled his Huscarls by their cuffs in front of Ardi's sword and thus saved his Warlord. Kees taking the oppurtunity quickly chopped his axe against Ardi's neck and settled the matter.

Ardi tested the soon to be released Byzantian Battleboard and Kees played with the Welsh.
The Byzanthians have the option to equip their warriors with bows. This massive display of firepower however couldnt sway the battle in Ardi's favor. The Byzantians have a few great tricks and do capture the feel of the army. (I wont spoil it all, Alex would have my arse if I did!)

With the soon to be released first Saga supplements we will be playing a lot of Saga upcoming year.

A few pics for your pleasure? (next time we are playing a Pirate game Harr...Harr..)

Ardi is being Ardi

Joop doing the monkey?

Kees going for the kill

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Annatar said...

Hey Arvid,

Jezaloo, you do have some ugly mates, but mine are no better ;-). They seem to have a lot of fun.

Cheers Annatar.