Friday, 6 April 2012

SAGA rehearsal part one,

We, Wednesday Night Wargamers, will be attending the new wargame show IMPACT in Uden on June the 3rd this year. You can find their internet site follwing this link: Impact wargames Show

After a slight discussions (1.2 seconds) we decided to demo a game of SAGA.

So Ardi in all his wisdom thought we should play a few games prior to the show in order to graps the rules. This way it actually looks like we know what we are talking about....

Last Wednesday Kees couldn't come over (was staring at his eyelids inwards......) so it was up to me and Ardi to play a game of SAGA. Joop was/is the Game master.

I decided on playing with the Welsh and Ardi went Viking. We decided to play an actual scenario.
(Normally we just bash each others heads in and see in the end if some one actually won?)

Joop took a hard look and told us we would play the "Challenge" scenario. Hmmmmmm.... some how this sounded more a "Brutal in your face waaaahg" Viking-ish scenario than a "fleet of foot" Welsh scenario....

After deployment it became clear I was in some serious trouble. My Welsh were fast and had javelins but Ardi's Viking were all about close combat.

Initial battlefield

My warband consisted of:

Warlord, Dingus Tringus-ish-ness (sounds Welsh?)
Hearthguard (4)
Warriors (8)
Levies (12)
Levies (12)

generating 4 SAGA dice per turn.

Ardi warband consisted of:

Warlord, Svenn Hornedhelmet with one club foot (weird but true)
Hearthguard (8)
Warriors (8)
Levies (12)

generating 4 SAGA dice per turn.

Ardi got the first turn since he finished his deployment first.

The slaughter starts.

(I wont explain the game mechanics because I truly believe that for a lousy 20.- pounds this game should be bought and not ripped! Its a must buy for every wargamer out there!!)

Ardi started with a charge from Svenn on Dingus. During the first four turns he managed to add his 8 hearthguards to the melee and somehow Dingus survived this slaughter house! I flanked the ensuing melee with a unit of levies and played 'Matador' with Ardi's hearthguard killing loads of them. My warrior unit fought a round of melee with Ardi's warriors and survived. I did get a serious bloody nose but my flank is holding for the time being.

After four rounds of play Svenn and Dingus both got 7 wounds left. Ardi lost 3 warriors and 5 hearthguard! I lost 4 warriors. Although it might seem I am ahead of Ardi dont be fooled his warriors can make mince meat of me in no time. With three turns left I really need to be careful if I want to win this.........


A Viking "thing"?
Arghhh Ugghhhhh.......
Ardi looking fab!
Joop doing the monkey...

The second part will be posted in two weeks.


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