Wednesday, 5 December 2012

German Kampfgruppe

Word War II otherwise known as "THE PROJECT"

I have been collecting WW2 armies for about two years now.
The scope went from skirmish to complete armies very rapidly. Especially after reading Kampfgruppe Normandy.

Buying it all went well and fast. Painting it all however went slowly. I started out with painting my American Airborne troopers and am painting them still. Due to a lot of side projects and being easily distracted it seemed my latest project would take ages.

some of my painted troops
After some consideration, I looked around and found a bloke willing to paint some of my troops. Last weekend the first half of my German kampfgruppe arrived. In January 2013 the second half will be finished.
Hopefully a mate of mine, painting my German vehicles, will be done around that time as well. How many figures you ask? Around 200, 28mm German infantry and 54 German armoured vehicles. I know I am crazy. I tried 15mm and didn't like it. Still to be done are my Brits and I have to finish my Americans....         
Below are some shots of the amazing paint job done by "Mr. Z". 

Hope you like them as much as I do....

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styx said...

Nice! I have to get my Germans done!