Friday, 7 December 2012

X-Wing unveiled.....

Today I received my X-wing miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games, plus a few extras I bought with it.
The online store of Fantasy Flight Games is out of stock currently so you need to search your local game or "e" stores to find your own version of the game.
It does pay of to browse around a bit. I bought my stuff from an online store in Belgium named BattleGames and even with 10.- Euros worth of shipping it saved me a lot!

Excuse my poor photography skills they dont do any justice to the figures and game in general!

I bought the core box plus three extra ships; Tie-Fighter, Tie-Advanced an Y-Wing and an extra dice set.

First impressions:
At first glance I was blown away buy the sheer amount of tokens, booklets, dice and quality of artwork. But I must say as a miniatures wargamer these pre-painted ships are great! They even show battle scars and exhaust fumes!

Core box:
The core box consists out of three pre-painted ships; two Tie-Fighters and an X-wing. A quick rule set, a rulebook some product leaflets, dials, dices, manoeuvre sticks and lots of tokens. Even a few asteroid markers. The ships look good! The only thing I don't like are the flimsy flight stands! I hope the chaps at Litko will remedy this soon ;) The ships are made out some sort of hard plastic and look durable. The X-Wings cannons were a bit bent but these are only a millimetre thick so...

Core box

The artwork on the cards is superb. It really has the feel of the old Star Wars movies. (sorry I really hate what they did with episode 1,2 and 3)

Some of the ship upgrade cards

Some of the tokens

Some of the Ship cards

What I could discern on first glance was that each fighter in your force can be upgraded with a pilot and ship upgrades. I saw cards of droids and torpedo's to name some examples.

Each ship has its own speed/manoeuvre dial and damage tokens.

The three extra ships I bought all had an extra speed/manoeuvre dial, ship upgrades, weapon tokens and pilots.


Y-Wing tokens and cards


X-Wing rear shot


Tie-Advanced side shot

Tie-Advanced tokens and cards


Tie-Fighter side shot

Tie-Fighter tokens and cards

As you probably have noticed, I am very glad I bought the game. Its been a while since I got this excited by a game (especially a Star Wars one at that!). I really think this game is worth every Euro I spent on it and that's saying it without even having played it yet. I'll try to post a game review a.s.a.p.

I cant wait to buy the Slave-1 and the Millenium Falcon. Will they bring out a Star Destroyer...?


The beginnings of something big......

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